The 2019 Easter Safari Will Debut Six Vehicle Concepts

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Every year Mopar and Jeep build a few concepts cool enough to debut at the Off-road Easter Jeep Safari. Over the last year there have been seven ideas; among them is the contemporary model of the Jeepster and the Baja-inspired Wrangler with folding mattress. Jeep has not said much about what they are bringing to the Off-road Easter Jeep Safari, but these two teasers have enthusiasts interest.  

During the yearly desert party for 2018, Mopar and Jeep brought seven different concept vehicles. There was The Wagoneer Roadtrip, the Jeepster, the Sandstorm, the 4SPEED, the B-Ute, the Nacho, and the J-Wagon. These awesome off-road rides have taken inspiration from Jeep’s past, a tradition that has regularly produced some of the year’s refreshing concept cars.

With the Gladiator out, it’s easy to assume that Jeep will have at least one, or more, at the 2019 Easter Safari. Although Jeep has released an image that doesn’t show very much, you can tell it’s a Gladiator. Seeing a rack mounted in the rear, as well as what appears to either be a set of MaxTrax-like traction boards or some bed ramp, is a clear indicator of the route that they will present at the show.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Jeep also added a lift kit, a Hellcat V8 and more off-road equipment. The most exciting teaser that has many excited is the Wrangler-looking, big off-road tires, rock rails, and auxiliary lights vehicle that wears a “J6” badge. It’s a strong suggestion that it’s a modern interpretation of the long-wheelbase CJ-6 that Jeep sold from 1955 through 1975.

The second teaser released is an image that clearly shows a Jeep Gladiator pickup truck. The image portrays the pickup from the back, and it appears to be carrying a motorcycle. Knobby tires bulge from the fender flares and between the tires and the bike, it seems to be an off-roader’s playset.

Jeep’s Moab Easter Safari concepts are, for the most part, pretty crazy. They can include anything from swapped powertrains to hardcore off-road gear. There’s a lot to be seen, and Jeep doesn’t shy away from the possibilities.

Jeep typically reveals several customized or throwback concepts at the annual Jeep Jamboree. However, the Chrysler-owned firm unveiled six Gladiator-based concepts that stand out with retro-inspired styling cues and an enormous amount of power. The one-offs will show-off their muscles on the grueling trails around Moab, Utah, during the 2019 edition of the Easter Jeep Safari.

This year there are six concepts which will debut at the Jeep’s Moab Easter Safari: the J6, JT Scrambler, Gravity, M-175 Five-Quarter, Wayout, and Flatbility. People’s favorite seems to be the J6, with the two-door version of the Gladiator aimed at short-wheelbase rivals could look. Its wheelbase is as long as the two-door Wrangler’s, and ditches rear bench, allowing designers to stretch the cargo box by 12 inches.

The M-715 Five-Quarter started as a 1968 truck built for the American army. To reduce the weight of the vehicle, Jeep removed the sheet metal and made the front end out of carbon fiber. It has a 6.2-liter V8 engine found in the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, and it delivers over 700 horsepower.  

The Wayout illustrates how the Gladiator can turn into a go-anywhere camper; with Jeep adding a rack over the cargo compartment and installing a two-person pop-up tent. There is a 2-inch lift kit and two auxiliary fuel tanks integrated into the body and a 2-inch lift kit help the Wayout journey further off the grid than a stock Gladiator.  It has a 3.6-liter V6 bolted to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The Scrambler borrows the name of an option package that was available in the 1980s CJ-8, the Gladiator’s direct antecedent. It’s also has a long list of Jeep-designed add-ons, like rock rails that protect the rocker panels from impacts and 7-inch LED lights. The modern-day Scrambler is painted white with a pair of contrasting orange stripes.  

The Flatbill and the Gravity both show how Gladiator owners can personalize their rig using parts that are accessible through Mopar. Jeep notes that the Gravity takes dominance of the Gladiator’s removable top, while the Flatbill was built to cargo dirt bikes.

Jeep’s arrangement to focus on the Gladiator represents a break with tradition. In the past, the company’s Moab-bound concepts have previewed new models, like the fourth-generation Wrangler and the Gladiator that’s headlining the 2019 event. We’ve also seen resto-modded rigs, including a first-generation Grand Cherokee built with modern components.

The event kicks off April 13, but there’s a pretty good chance that Jeep and Mopar will announce what they’re bringing a few days before. Until then, if you’re interested in test-driving Jeep vehicle near Fort Myers, make sure to check them out at the Cape Coral Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM dealership.

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