eTorque Assistance is Making its Way to the Dodge Durango

January 10th, 2020 by

According to industry insiders, Dodge appears to be planning the addition of a hybrid powertrain variant for the 2021 Durango model. Mopar Insiders is citing a recent document from United Automobile Workers (UAW) as its source that the Durango could be the next recipient of Fiat Chrysler’s eTorque mild-hybrid system early next year. It’s unclear if Dodge is looking to pair the eTorque system with the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine or the 5.7-liter HEMI V8, but both are current options powering the existing Durango. Other sister brands, such as Ram, currently offer the eTorque system on both of the above-mentioned engine options. 

When the HEMI V8 is equipped with the eTorque system, the latest Ram 1500 gets a 2 mpg city boost and improved fuel economy while on the highway as well. Any improvement on fuel economy figures is quite welcome, as the V8 engine has earned its street cred as a hefty gasoline consumer. The current Dodge Durango, when powered by the Pentastar V6, has a fuel economy of 19 mpg in the city. Hemi-powered Dodge Durango models have a fuel economy of 14 mpg in the city, and 17 mpg combined. In a world that’s increasingly focused on improving these numbers, the eTorque system is a welcome addition to the lineup. 

Although the eTorque system is paired with both engine options on the Ram 1500, experts assume that the upcoming hybrid Durango will be powered by the V6. Even though the V8 might not be out of the question, it appears that Dodge’s priority is to reshape the public perception of its brand and fuel economy. Experts are saying they wouldn’t bet on it. This is not the first time that Dodge attempts to better the Durango’s fuel efficiency with a little help from electrification. There was a short-lived Durango Hybrid variant that joined the second-generation models at the end of their run. Official news will likely trickle in during the coming months. If the rumor mill is right, there will be a Durango Hybrid option sometime before the end of the year (2020). 

What is eTorque?

In its most basic form, the eTorque system is an electrical alternator replacement. The traditional alternator is no longer needed because the eTorque tech — a motor paired with a battery — is responsible for providing the vehicle’s necessary electricity. In addition to keeping the 12-volt battery charged, the eTorque system is also responsible for quickly restarting vehicles with automatic stop/start. The simple assistance when it comes to restarting a vehicle helps conserve fuel in the long run, while relying on regenerative braking to simultaneously charge the battery/motor system. 

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