A Guide to 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Tops

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Going topless in a Jeep Wrangler is a tradition by now, and it’s one that the Jeep brand intends to keep nurturing. They’ve now made it easier than ever to go topless with the hard top and Sunrider soft top options on the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL. Adventurous Jeepers will be elated to find out that Jeep has vastly improved their removable tops and it makes the world of a difference. In the past, removing a Wrangler top was seen as headache-inducing, but nowadays, the Sunrider soft top can be removed in under a minute and a half, and the hardtop in about five minutes total. We’ve prepared a handy guide (and a video!)  to make the removal process much more efficient.

Hardtop Removal

  1. There are two freedom panels towards the front of the cabin that need to be removed first. Eight latches hold the freedom panels in place, two that are located behind each sun visor that needs to be released first. Next, turn the remaining six L-shaped latches towards the center of the cabin to finish loosening up the panels.
  2. Simply lift the panels one at a time, and properly stow them to avoid damage.
  3. Open the swing gate that shuts the trunk and locate the electrical harness and wiper fluid line on each side. Disconnect the wiper fluid line and the electrical harness by pressing on the red tab and pulling down. Plug both components into the nearby receptacle to secure them in place.
  4. Locate the six screws (three on each side) along the interior roof of the hard top and use the toolkit provided by Jeep to unscrew these screws.
  5. There are two remaining screws – on the front corners of the roof attaching the hardtop to the frame. Unscrew them using the toolkit and store all screws in the designated storage space beneath the edge of the cargo floor.
  6. The hardtop is rather heavy and we suggest two people for the job to avoid any damages that can turn into a horrific ordeal to repair. Simply slide the hardtop away from the frame to gain better leverage and lift it off smoothly. Store it safely to avoid any damage.

Sunrider Soft Top Removal

  1. Open the swing gate to gain access to the back window. Next, pull up on the bottom corners to pop the bottom of the window out. With the window fifty percent free, slide the window panel towards the left and off its track. Store in the trunk for safekeeping.
  2. The two side windows work in a similar way and can be undone by pulling the window column off the corner and away from the track. To complete the removal pull the window panel away from the back of the Jeep where there’s velcro and slide it off the guiding track towards the front of the vehicle. Just like the back window, store these responsibly to avoid damage.
  3. The soft top is similar to a convertible top. To initiate the removal of the soft top, first, locate the two latches inside the cabin behind the sun visors and release them to unlock the rooftop.
  4. Once the rooftop is unlocked, push it towards the back of the Wrangler until it folds halfway. Complete the removal of the top by opening the last latch located at the back of the rooftop. Once triggered, the last latch will cause the top to fold above the swing gate like a convertible, leaving the top frame exposed.
  5. Once folded down, the soft top needs to be locked into place with the locks that connect the soft top legs to the frame of the Wrangler. Check that the soft top is locked into place by pushing it towards the front of the vehicle- movement should be minimal.

Jeep is expected to continue improving their tops so that the topless tradition can prosper. The transformative ‘Sky One-Touch Power Top’ is reported to be a feature of the 2019 model. Just as the name indicates, the canvas rooftop of the Jeep will retract with the touch of a button.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Jeep.com
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