Strategic Vision Names FCA Vehicles for Quality

October 26th, 2018 by

Cape Coral FCA Strategic Vision

As always, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is an automotive group that rakes in sales and awards. Just recently, several FCA brands took home awards from the Texas Truck Rodeo competition, organized by the people of the Texas Automotive Writers Association (TAWA). There are some pretty great vehicles by FCA, and quality vehicles are what their brands are known for. Need a little proof? Ask Strategic Vision.

Strategic Vision is known as a well-versed research-based consultancy that revolved around how consumers make decisions when it comes to purchasing an automobile. Having done this for over 35 years, Strategic Vision not only has a lot of experience with such decision-making systems, but also has learned what to look for in these systems. As it turns out, consumers place a lot of attention on the attributes of a product, personal benefits from purchasing said product, value the consumer places on the product (sometimes emotional), and how the consumer perceives the vehicle and its behavior when on the road.

In addition, like any good survey, a metric needs to be developed and tested for reliability when measuring and analyzing results. To achieve their results, Strategic Vision uses a newly enhanced Total Quality metric that combines the problems one may experience with a vehicle and the effect it has on a driver’s evaluations of its quality. How many times have one of us smacked a TV because it wasn’t working properly? That’s technically how the TQI works.

“TQI shows how people feel about their vehicles in their own words, which reveal valuable recommendations for future products…From how customers are advocating about their products, automotive manufacturers can know where the future of the U.S. market is going.” – Chris Chaney, Senior Vice President at Strategic Vision.

For 24 years now, the annual Total Quality Impact™ (TQI) report is conducted between July and December. Surveys are sent out to new vehicle buyers after 90 days of ownership. Based on results from Strategic Vision’s New Vehicle Experience Study® (NVES), over 44,000 new vehicle buyers were surveyed.

What Vehicles Have the Most Quality?

Three FCA vehicles made it to the top of the list in their respective segments. For the Mid-Size SUV segment, the 2019 Dodge Durango won out for its combination of utilities, modern technology, towing power, driving range, driver control, and bold style. Making 2018 the fifth year of consecutive wins, the Dodge Durango continues to provide consumers with performance as well as quality.

When talking about the Entry SUV segment, we’re happy to know the 2019 Jeep Renegade grabbed this win. With best-in-class off-road capability, open-air freedom, and convenience offered through innovative safety and advanced technology features found throughout the lineup, the Renegade can offer consumers a lot of bang for buck. It can even come with two 4×4 systems depending on the trim – Active Drive 4×4 and Active Drive Low 4×4.

Lastly, the 2018 Ram 2500 and Ram 2500 heavy duty pickup trucks won the Heavy-Duty Pickup segments. America’s longest-lasting pickups, able to generate 900 lb-ft of torque and tow up to 31,210 pounds, the Ram three-quarter and one-ton pickup trucks are clear winners. Either is great for a tough job.

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